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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Out My Face Crazy Lady, I Got Some Hipsters to Judge

I just realized... my last post was my 100th post!! I feel like I should throw a party or something. Or, maybe the sole fact that the last 100 posts have kept me sane this past year is celebration enough. Either way, thanks to you all for reading! I'm always shocked that anyone other than my parents reads this thing (and p.s. my parents are amazing. My editors. My dad tells me when I'm sounding a liiiitle too bitchy and my mom tells me when my spelling is less than stellar. MEGA thanks to them for their patience and insight).

I filmed the season finale of Date to Mate last Saturday. Of course I had a fabulous time with those friends and I was able to do some work that I'm proud of. (Watch the trailer here: Date to Mate Ep 7 Trailer) I'm excited to see the end result (a little more conflict this episode!). I also got GREAT news. The network wants to bring us back for another season! And, like, for real - with contracts and a pay check! Whoop whoop! Of course, this is all contingent upon raising money from independent ShalomTV fans... but I have faith like whoa. Some pics from the shoot:
Me/Zoe with Ben, the amazing DP and good friend

That's a wrap on Season One!

So, I'm sure you've been waiting on pins and needles to hear about the Eastover meal. Well, some was good. Some not so much. The chocolate caramel matzoh was a hit (though I did get some grief for using whole wheat matzoh. God forbid I try to sneak a little fiber into a holiday feast). All in all it was a good celebration and I got to hide some eggs in a bar. Not bad.

The past week has been mostly a week of work. Tuesday I decided to take a free seminar at Reproductions on getting an agent. It was the first step in my month dedicated to moving my career forward. For a free seminar it really was informative and super helpful. We were asked what success meant to us. Then, we had to turn to the person next to us and tell them what that was. I bonded with the gorgeous model-girl to my right over similar ideas of success - Pay rent with money from performing, put "professional performer" on my tax return...legally, do work I'm proud of. It was nice to sit there with her and be in cahoots for those three hours. I left with hope and drive to get shit done, which is just what I was looking for. It's a hell of a lot of work, but with focus and sheer will, I really think I can do this. Which is a good feeling.

I had two lackluster tours last weekend. During which I was scolded by a crazy local lady about taking up too much room on the sidewalk when she wanted to walk faster than our group (Lord knows her saying, "excuse me" was just too much work. She was a close-talker, too. Gross.) I was told by yet another crazy lady that my tour was what's wrong with Soho - too many people and too much shopping (and p.s. this was on Broadway which is simply a glorified shopping mall and she was carrying about 6 or 7 shopping bags seriously, Lady? Sorry you miss the beatnik poets and the strung out artists, but gentrification of the area started in the 80's, and btw that is not even CLOSE to my fault. It's time to adapt, bitch... or move). Well, that turned into a rant...

Anyhoo, I also worked a hilarious hipster party at a posh gallery in the Meatpacking District. I was assigned to coat check with a friend and we were posted up at a table outside the gallery. We spent the night looking through giant glass walls into Hipster Heaven. There was no tip jar and I found it hilarious when we were asked for change for a five, which we clearly didn't have. ...Really, man with a Burberry coat, Prada Umbrella and Jack Spade bag? After a lovely conversation about your evening at the party? Oh, good, scowl and say, "Oh... sorry..." slooowly back away from the table with your hands up when we don't have any. Classy. That's right, Sir - We totally just judged you. BIG time. ...We didn't even get a dollah from the hot drunken mess that asked for her bag about 15 times and wanted us to figure out where to charge her phone for her. People crack me up! Whopping 5$ in tips total made for the evening. I bought Tic Tacs and a banana on the way home to celebrate. I ate the banana first...

Sunday I spent all day in the park and burned the hell out of the backs of my legs. I have a sweet shorts tan. I'll have to slather up my bum with some self tanner and hope for the best. I'm okay with it, though. I just think it's a freakin' miracle that winter ended.

This coming week is beyond nuts. I have 5 scheduled auditions, 1 callback (from that audition a million years ago to play a mobster's wife!! Pumped!), 3 flyering shifts, 3 other promotional shifts, two tours, and a reading....whew!

Wish me broken limbs and the strength to keep going this week. I am gonna need it... along with many many milligrams of caffeine...and some aloe.

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  1. well...the week is kinda ended but I hope you broke legs. And Gina says..cocoa butter...cocoa butter!