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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rip Off the Band-Aid. Surprise! I Win.

Last week was my Dad's birthday. He and my Mom had no idea that I planned to spend the weekend celebrating with them. After a lot of planning, an easy plane ride, and an ATL mass transit situation (Steven, don't even think I'll let you get away with making me take Marta. Contrary to what some ATLers think: Marta is definitely NOT Smarta...) I was able to surprise my parents with a trip home. They've been kinda worried about me - What, with my threats of poking out strangers' eyes and heaving my body into oncoming traffic and all.

Check out this video. Try to ignore my ridiculous cackle and watch my Mother. It's pretty awesome:

How perfect is my Mother's reaction? Hilarious!

Now, I'm not good at keeping secrets. I'm waaaaay too honest. There is certainly no spy work in my future. It took everything I had to lie to my parents. "No, Mom...I can't come home for the party next weekend...I have two rehearsals and a tour I would have to (swallow hard) ...cancel." "Happy birthday, Dad!...Oh, I'm in a cab on my way to an audition I'm late for...(from the passenger seat of my bro's car driving down the Atlanta highway)." But I did it! With the help of my brother and sister-in-law, we pulled it off.

It was so nice to be home, too. A much needed burst of energy for me and a lovely time spent with my people. I was able to get a recharge and come back to NY with a pep in my step and I've hit the ground skipping (so much more fun than running, right?) This brings me to: SOME BIG CHANGES!

I have put a lot of thought into what's next for me. As Obama says - Let's be clear: I'm in no way ready to give up acting. In fact, just the opposite. I'm becoming more confident in that career by the second. But, realistically, until I get to where I'm going I need something else and I'm tired of the band-aid jobs, the constantly searching for odds and ends to pay the bills while I divide my energy in 75 different directions, spinning my wheels like a mother f*cker and only sometimes getting somewhere. I'm in need of a long term solution. And so, while the cure isn't here, yet...I have found the neosporin to my band-aids. The cure is on the horizon! (you still with me? As we all know, metaphors are not my forte.)

I'm constantly reading about health and nutrition. I'm a freak about food and fitness and a firm believer in "you are what you eat." I slip whole wheat into whatever I can, I try to fool my Dad with low cal recipes, I even once tried to make all natural cheese sauce for a nacho party (I know, I know. A Georgia girl against Velveeta???-but what the hell is it anyway? Needless to say, the sauce came out a little weird, but dammit it WAS all natural...) So, I have decided to look into... dun dah dah dunnnn...

Nutrition School! I want to get certified to be a health coach! I talked to some helpful people in the biz (thank you, Brittany and Ady) and I think it's a great fit for me. I'm super pumped about it. I get a little flutter in my heart just thinking about all the things I'll learn. With my very supportive family behind me, I sat in on a webinar and coming up in an hour or so I have a phone interview with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It's a year long program and I know that it will take a lot of work and energy, but there's a light at the end of THIS tunnel. Just what I need.

I would keep going as a tour guide and while I've cut back on promo stuff for a bit (for my sanity) I would keep picking up shifts here and there while in school. In addition I'd continue my acting career and focus on getting to where I KNOW I belong with that.

It's a lot. A hell of a lot. But the fact of the matter is that I want to do what I love. I want to make it work and build a life that I can sustain. And, As long as I fill my life with things I'm passionate about, I feel like I've won. So in conclusion, between me and Charlie Sheen...everybody's winning.

Now enough with the self-help bullshit. In other news I'm getting my marketing materials together to promote the crap out of myself (Not literally. That's gross...). The staged reading I'm doing was moved to next week. And...

The season finale of DATE TO MATE airs Sunday! Please tune in to ShalomTV OnDemand and watch! This one's a doozy!

Oh, and congrats on making it through the "rapture". Good work. Well done. I am concerned about all the crazies, though. I just don't think they make enough Kool-Aid...


  1. Ah- SO exciting! I'm way jealous that you'll get to go to Integrative Nutrition! Please share all the info you learn... I'll be reading!

    PS- I have no clue what Velveeta is made it. Creepy faux-cheese.

  2. Awww you had your mom on the brink of tears. Too cute!

  3. There've clearly been some key internal developments . . . ideas and strategies a-poppin'. For now, I'll just say how much I like that little video and the moment that it captures. My favorite part is how, while your parents are all mouths-agape with shock, you pause for a few beats to laugh giddily, almost maniacally, in sheer glee at pulling off this welcome surprise. That made me smile : )

  4. I was a hot mess waiting for the surprise! I couldn't stand it!

    And, Brandi, I couldn't believe my mom cried! You can't see from the video, but she took a good long moment staring at me without recognizing who I was before the reaction you see here. It was too perfect.

    Thank you for watching!