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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's Your Unitard, Try Not to Kill Anyone

Her: "You've got a choice between the one shoulder shorts romper and the backless unitard. Just remember that if you choose the unitard you'll have to go bra-less, but don't worry we have sticky-boobs for you. Change, and then go see Jim to get tattooed."

Me: "Right... I'm sorry. Did you say 'tattooed?'"

Some jobs you just gotta get through thinking about the pay check at the end of the tunnel. I donned the outfit, the airbrushed bat tattoos, the four inch heels and the slutty smile for 8 hours Monday night at the liquor sponsored concert. The whole time I paced so as not to stand in one place and allow the throbbing pain in my feet to set in. The people at these events are always a trip. The ones attending and the ones working. While I did meet some really nice girls, I also met some pretty terrible ones. It's always the 12 foot tall, 90 lb model bitches that are a problem. Halfway through the shift the tall bitch in question sauntered by with a freakin' mojito in hand, flashing an "I was too good for this job, anyway" smirk in my direction and entered the sea of degenerates. I was pissed. I wanted to strangle her with her own lanky limbs while force feeding her a cheeseburger...But I refrained.

We ended up being let go a little early because people were so drunk we were useless. Turns out you can't let a 21 year old bridge-and-tunnel set loose on an open liquor bar without expecting mayhem. Fights, throwing up, people falling over. I've never seen people try so hard to form a sentence and fail so terribly. In the end, I was felt up only a few times and once was by a group of lesbians, so they barely even count. The things I do for money. But, I feel like you can't call me a sell out until I start hooking. (and in case you were wondering I picked the shorts romper. "Sticky-boobs" simply didn't appeal to me at the time...)

This week: I gave some tours. I handed out some bullshit. I ran stairs at a bootcamp (FML). I also unveiled...wait for it...the NEW WEBSITE!!! My good friend Patrick designed the site with a little help/neurotic-requesting-of -details from me. My main contribution was, "Can it be girlier?" So major thanks go out to him, for a sweet website and for putting up with my craziness and still calling me a friend at the end.

The auditions I had this weekend went fairly well. The first, on Friday night, was for a show in the Strawberry Festival here in the city and was written by the Assistant Director from a show I did a hundred years ago. It went well, I did my monologue and called it a night. Went home to sleep in preparation for the audition the next morning. It was oddly liberating being home before 9pm on a Friday night. (I ended up being called back for this audition, which was great! It was Sunday afternoon and I read with many different combinations of people. So now we wait and see!)

The next audition was for a Fringe Festival show. I would be playing opposite my dear, patient friend from the paragraph above. It would be amazing to be reunited again, but this time doing something worthwhile and of merit (there was a major jab in that last sentence, and it was totally intentional...just for the record.) And, IF I were to get the role, I could get back to comedy which I miss so much.

The monologue I have wasn't super appropriate to the character, but I tailored it the best I could and moved on to the sides. Did it once through, took some direction, and re-read with a different approach. I left the audition completely indifferent to my performance, which kinda sucks. I have no clue how I did. I felt no reaction in one direction or another. I guess it's good I didn't feel negatively, and I did get called back for a second round tonight. This is awesome, but I wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that my friend is in the show. Either way, a little nepotism never killed a person, and I plan on attacking the callback tonight and leaving with a clear sense of how freakin' fantastic I was. So take that.

I'm hoping to have big news in the next post about some upcoming project I'm cast in. Wouldn't that be lovely? I've been itching like crazy to work again. It was a nice break, and necessary for all the other developments in my life, but I'm over it. I need to jump into a role again. It's time.

Wish me broken appendages and a week absent of tiny outfits, slutty smiles and grabby lesbians.

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  1. You are amazing. You know that. And man that website sure does look shiny. Like I've said. Its my favorite design so far. So go you.

    I said this last night and I'll say it again. You were called in as a referral but you were called back all because of you. You are a rockstar my friend. A Rock...Star!