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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

NYC: A Potpourri.

Well, Spring is in full force which means that the Hipster Hilarity that is Williamsburg is in full swing - but not how you'd think. They come out of the woodwork fully decked in the usual flannel, skinny jeans, boots and beards still abound. I had no idea that checking The Weather Channel was so uncool until I moved here. They even sunbathe in the full get-up. And I'll be damned if the people don't sweat. It's a mystery. We all know the secret isn't botox - not unless the green market started doing sessions in McCarren park (I might be onto something: Complementary shots of local wheat grass...with a chaser of brooklyn lager...) Anyway my 'hood has become quite the scene. A mix of Hasidic-curly-cues and too-cool-for-school-clashing-patterns. The streets are a veritable potpourri.

I must say, the Williamsburg bridge has become a welcome escape from city life, though. I can go for a run and look onto Manhattan from afar. From that distance the sprawling buildings look downright manageable. Then I run back, get harassed by young Orthodox Jewish boys (one kid tried to trip me the other day. I stopped dead, stared him in the eyes, pointed my finger, and said very menacingly, "rude." ...I'm such a badass...), and through the quaint streets of BK back to my waiting schedule of random.

As much as I talk smack about the mess that is my piecemeal living (this week was another medley of promos and tours), a lot of times I am beyond grateful for the random acts of work that make up my life. Friday was no exception. My day started with a mad-dash sprint for the overcrowded L train, followed by a face-plant/trample combo on the stairs to the NQR (turns out hipsters stop for no one when there's a train to catch. I was road kill.) Then there was the squeeze between violently closing train doors that led to a scolding by the conductor that I was "holding up the other passengers." But, the adventure ended with a lovely couple of British fifteen year old girls on a surprise Soho shopping tour.

They had no idea what to expect, but their excitement and giddy energy from getting their make-up done and from my pulling outfits that would look "stinkin' cute" on them (they cracked up from my "vaaary Amaaaarican" way of speaking) turned my day around faster than a NY minute. Say what you will about tourists, but generally hanging out with people that are on vacation is a fast-track to a pretty good mood.

Friday night I had a reading of a play that's in consideration for production this fall. It was a fabulous time spent with some friends. I got to read a fun part: an 18 year old, pregnant, poetry student, with the favorite half word, "Whatev". It was our first read and we sat around laughing and gasping as the play revealed itself to us. I hope that production comes to fruition, because if it was that fun for us on the first read, I can only imagine how much an audience would enjoy it. Then Saturday night brought another reading of a new play in which I was the forgotten character of....Stage Directions! I gave quite a thrilling read, you can imagine. ;)

This week brings the new and exciting task of continuing my Nutrition Fundamentals web classes (more pre-course work. Love!), and a staged reading of Stop Kiss with The PlayClub on Wednesday. Of course this is all mixed in with the usual promos and tours.

...In between I'll navigate the streets of Williamsburg and Manhattan dodging inappropriately dressed hipsters, yarmulke-clad-children and treacherous subway stairs, while scoring cups of coffee, auditions and smiles from happy tourists. It's a video game I'm developing: "NYC".

Simple title, not so simple game.


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