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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Love that word. If I'm ever graced with James Lipton asking me my favorite curse word, that's what I will say. So simple and so versatile. Example:

I woke up Tuesday because my stomach was eating itself (it's a pleasant feeling I wake up to frequently now that I make sure not to eat anything in the hours before I go to bed. Getting skinny is so fun!). I looked at my phone and, "shit." It was 5am and my alarm was set for 6:20. Damn you, stomach. Damn. You. I made a little nosh, sat down to some emails. Next thing I know, "SHIT!" I jerk awake. Fear, panic, heart slamming against my chest. 7:11am.

Text boss. Pants on. Hair up. AC off. Mascara on. Door closed. Tap toe. Check time. Ride train. Run. Sweat. Arrive. 7:41am. "Shiiiit...." Annnd the day continued on from there without much improvement in luck. A coffee disaster and an accidental ham ingestion were involved. Sick. And, for the record, both of these situations also warranted some version of the word "shit." Great word.

Thank God my week improved. The staged reading with PlayClub went well. For those non biz peeps let me explain about a staged reading. It's kind of like seeing a play in the middle of the rehearsal period. We hold our scripts, but walk through the play and act it out. As an actor, I have to tell you, it's an interesting experience. All I want to do is throw down my script, jump into the story, connect fully with the other actors and sink my teeth into this person I'm playing. But, I can't. At least not to the extent I want to because... oh right!... I don't know the lines. You lose some of the connections. And for me it's like snowboarding (without the ass bruising, cursing, and 7 year olds passing me on the slopes). All I wanted when strapped to that effing board was to move my feet independently - free up my legs. In a staged reading I'm confined in much the same way by the script on lock-down in my hands. That being said, the reading did go well. Our audience seemed to enjoy it and my scene partner and I found moments that we hadn't felt before. Which just makes me want to do a fully fleshed out performance even more. Love that.

More promo shifts followed. At one of them I was surprised to find out upon arrival that I was expected to make the smoothies I was sampling. After some condescending words from the manager about being "capable of operating a blender," I'm not gonna lie, I had a slight diva moment. " Umm...Sir? Capability aside, I sample the food. I don't make it." Oops. But, eventually I sucked it up got down to blending. By the end of the day my hands were covered in fruit slime and I smelled like the produce department at Publix. So hot. (well I must have been, because the much older manager asked to take me out for drinks at the end of my shift. Turns out he likes his women a little sassy and smelling like mango). My life is ludicrous.

Also ridiculous, but ridiculously awesome: I got a last minute invite to the Tony Awards Rehearsals. This was A-MAZING! I haven't seen hardly any shows this season because I CAN'T AFFORD IT! (Can I get an "amen" from my actor peeps out there. Ticket prices are seriously stupid.) So, it was an awesome taste of the nominated shows. And it was such a nice reminder of how much I love theater. My body has a visceral reaction to the business going on onstage. It's like a string is sewn to my sternum and it's tugging at me. Wow. I sound like a theater nerd. But I just can't help it. I'm not meant to be an audience member. Me or Cassie from a Chorus Line. (The Music and the Mirror, anyone? ...Anyone? Terrible theater joke.)

Anyhoo, I've got a few auditions I'm pumped for this week. Friends basically got me in the door of these, which is great but also adds just a bit of pressure. And among other jobs, I've got a particularly ridiculous one coming up this week (the things I do for a paycheck). I'm a little concerned about the outfit I'll have to rock, but I couldn't pass up the money. I know the situation is getting dire when I pass a gentleman's club, the door guy asks if I need a job and two blocks later I stop short to consider it. I mean I have been wanting to get back into dance...

...P.s. Just kidding, Ma. I mean this story did actually happen this week, but you'll be happy to know that I didn't go with my initial impulse.


  1. GOOD LUCK! And don't feel pressured that your friend's got you in the door. It means that there is already someone behind you who believes in you and in you in that particular part/play. Even if they're not the one doing the casting, you got someone with a positive vibe in your corner, sending the Universe all sorts of lovely thoughts about you. It's good thing!
    And oh boy, do I know how you feel not being able to go to the theatre! So, yay for your staged reading and the Tonys rehearsal!
    Warmest wishes and fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks, girl! I actually met with one of the friends today and we were joking about how effed I am for the upcoming audition because he's talked me up so much to the director (which is nice of him, but you know what we mean). Ah well! I'll go in with focus and a sense of humor. And if I suck...well, that'll suck. :)

    Thanks for the positive thoughts!


  3. I really just want to say "Shit" and leave it at that. Haha. But I wont. I'm proud of your choice of expletives. It's one of the most versatile out there. Some one can be a shit, circumstances can be's great. But lets hope you're stepping into something a lot better then you're favorite curse word.

    Also, I'm excited to know that we both share knowledge and love of publix.