Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sometimes it's Just Polite to Swallow

People are bat-shit.

Every once in a while I get in the mind set of a jaded New Yorker and I assume that I can't be rattled. I can't be amazed by human behavior anymore. And then, I'm horrifically shaken back to this crazy world where people are maniacs and do things that should only exist in an SNL skit.

Case in Point: Post shopping tour on Friday I thought I'd stop by the Greenmarket and the Whole Foods - pick up some fresh produce and some tofu for the weekend. The nuts that wander these places are enough to make you giggle a bit. There's the emaciated models holding various bags of lettuce and types of Honest Tea, the smelly hippies that haven't heard the news that women shave their armpits these days and, my personal fave, the organic-crazed mommies that feel entitled to shove people out of the way with their strollers simply because they procreated...

But the real crazy came on the subway platform.

I was starving and decided to munch on some of my (controversial among my friends) veggie pepperoni slices to tide me over. A stalky, stooping, yet fairly well dressed man walked up to the edge and stood to wait for the train beside me. I saw him notice my snack and sort of question it with his brow. In no mood to chat, I adjusted my headphones with exaggeration (It's the polite way of saying "don't talk to me, fool"). He did not get the hint.

He starts, very obviously, pointing at my unusual food choice. I remove my ear buds and say with a hint of bitchy, "Excuse me?" Now, I know what he said was in some form of English, but I have no idea what the exact words were. I guessed that he said something along the lines of "what is that?" So I answered, "Vegetarian Pepperoni. It's for vegetarians." "nmnbmnhmf," he replied in his language. "Vegetarian. No meat. For people that don't like meat." I said upping the bitch factor. AND THEN it was like it happened in rapid speed, but I was watching it in slow motion. The dude clearly said, "I wanna try" ...and put his grubby, fat fingers INTO the bag of veggie pepperonis!! My bag! Of pepperonis! I froze. What's a girl to do? He dug his greedy fingers around trying to grab ahold of those suckers for a solid few seconds, and then shoved three or four into his waiting mouth, tucking the ends in with his fingers making it appear as if the pepperonis were trying to escape.

I was in shock. This happens??!! People do this?! I stood there staring at my poor, violated bag of fake meat. At that point, what do you do? I would have just offered him the whole thing but, to be honest, he didn't seem to like them. I sort of got that impression when he half yacked them out onto the train tracks. Hmm. After all that he didn't even ingest the damn things.

I threw out the bag. I was hungry, but not that hungry.

...In other news, I had a great callback this weekend with very sane people, and I had my first off book rehearsal for the upcoming One Act Festival. My character really comes together for me when I get off book. I think I'm so in my body from all my years of dance that when I free up my physicality I'm really able to play around. Needless to say, the rehearsal went well and (seeing as how my lines were a bit less than perfect) it will only get better!

More rehearsal and a BIG audition tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have lots to say about that.

Until then, stay classy, NY.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guilty as Charged, This Town is Too Hot to Handle

You know how I know I must REALLY love to act?
I stood outside on Monday... for 7 hours... looking like this:

Yup. I MUST really, really want to make it as an actor.

I was the manager of this event, which has it's perks and pitfalls. Some days you just want to be told what to do, and not deal with people that inevitably suck. Even people I like get fairly pissy when standing on a street corner, dripping sweat, talking to NYers. I don't blame 'em, but damn it folks, we're in it together. Let's make this as pleasant as possible, mmmk?

My Weather Channel app told me that it was a high of 97 degrees that day. And I was in a wig... Answering stupid questions about why I was wearing a wig... Yelling about a certain well-known NYC event I was promoting. F.M.L. It was the kind of NYC-hot (different from "elsewhere-hot," "NYC-hot" is inescapable. Take "elsewhere-hot" and add all the air conditioners pumping out hot air, the walking place to place, the bodies everywhere. INESCAPABLE...), the kind of hot where you feel like you're chewing the air it's so dense. It's like someone snarky wrapped a piping hot, dripping wet blanket around your shoulders and then told you with a smile, "just go on, go about your day." Not. Pretty. Particularly not for me. A bit of medical background for ya: My little body doesn't regulate heat like a normal person's does. No, no. My body violently shuts down, says eff you, and proceeds to make my life a sweaty, miserable living hell. I've been to the hospital twice for dehydration (hallucinating, convulsing, the whole nine...So fun!). Needless to say, not so good.

I'm still recovering from Monday's hot disaster (and I mean that literally). I lost all energy the rest of the week. Even going up subway stairs has been a challenge for me these past few days. The gym was certainly out of the question (completely bizarre for me), laundry seemed like an insurmountable task, and I couldn't focus on anything for more than 5 minutes (which made rehearsal interesting). I was a mess. After tons of water, loads of potassium and a bit of salt, I think I have finally gotten most of my energy back. I've stocked the fridge with coconut water and I successfully made it back to the gym yesterday - thank baby Jesus.

I have a big audition coming up next week (for a slew of commercial agents) and I even considered cancelling it because of my body's inability to function. But thank baby Jebus, again, for bossy family members. My Ma called into question what is really important to me. Conclusion: this audition. Cancel all work outside, pull yourself together and take care of yourself for the next week. Focus on what's really important, i.e. that audition. Duh, Sarah.

It is hard, though. A constant struggle to keep life in balance. I hate turning down work. I feel so guilty. Who the hell knows when I'll get more? Money is necessary, but again, so is being healthy and the work right now is only to get me to where I want to go. So for at least the next couple weeks, I need to slow down. Re-prioritize.

My acting career is obviously HUGE. School has started (Yay! My first assignment is completed!) and that's a major priority. Work. Work is a means to an end. Sure I gotta pay for shit, but not worth the stress when my health is at stake. I'm lucky to have people in my life that know me well enough to know that sometimes I need to be told to take a step back and let go of the guilt (I'm half Catholic, half Jewish. Imagine how hard this is for me. Aside from platelets and plasma, guilt is in my blood).

In other news, I did an awesome table reading of "Scream" in which I played Rose McGowan's genius role, Tatum. That was hilariously entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed playing out the sounds of getting killed by a very strong garage door. And remember that audition I "bombed"? ...Got a callback on Sunday. Either everyone else really sucked, or I misread my reading. ;) Whatevs. Won't question it.

This weekend is filled with celebrations, auditions and work. All good things. I'm just thankful to be back among the living. Now I just gotta figure out how to stay this way... :-/

Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's ALL Just F*ck the Filter

There's nothing like handing out maxi pads and tampons at 7am on a Friday morning. I shouldn't know that this is true. ...But I do. :-/

I spent the week working promos at a newly opened drugstore-on-crack in the Financial District. Glad to know men in that area are staying chachi- Calling girls, "darlin'" and "sweets" and single-handedly keeping the cologne industry alive and kickin'. Gross. What I wanted to say was,"Sir, I smelled you before you even rounded that corner." But instead every time, it just came out "Sir, can I offer you a free sample?" Damn that professional filter.

I was handing out a plethora of free shit throughout the week. Plenty of men asked me for tampons and maxi pads today, though, before they knew what it was I was offering. One guy reached his hand out for my then unknown bit of free shit and I said with a smile, "This is actually a feminine product, but you're welcome to take a sample for a lady in your life." He jerked his hand away so fast it was like I offered him a free sample of AIDS. Immediately the sarcastic filled words, "I mean it's not like they're used..." popped out of my mouth. Whoops. (So, my filter failed me a bit. Maybe it wasn't the most professional response, but somehow through his gagging I could tell he had a sense of humor on him) The man started convulsing. Ticking uncontrollably. Dry heaving. I think I saw tears form. His friends were full on crying they were laughing so hard. The security guard came over and asked with genuine concern if everything was ok. One of the guys answered through laughter, "This girl..(hehe)... is talking...(snort)... about periods!" Eruption of laughter. The security guard and I stood there. Quiet. Bewildered. Staring at the group of "grown" men lost in hysterics. And I had two thoughts. One: How did I get here? And two: I want to stick a maxi pad to this man's forehead.

I suppressed number 2, but I'm still wracking my brain about 1...

Wednesday was an insane day. Starting with a 7am 6 mile run (fml), then to work in the Financial District, rehearsal in Harlem, a bombed last min audition in midtown (eh, can't win 'em all), an errand in Chelsea, a reading again up in midtown and ending with a killer case of insomnia in Brooklyn. Woo! Just couldn't shake the day. It's the worst when that anxiety settles in your chest and you feel that it's just set up shop for the evening. That's when I bring out the big guns. A man I like to call, Will Shortz (...well he likes to call himself that, too, but you know the tone I was going for...). At some point Will must have done the trick, because I definitely woke up in the am with a giant ink stain on both my forearm and my 1998 Dance Company Tshirt I was rocking. Well done, Sarah.

On a completely unrelated topic- I know this blog is a whole lot of me rambling about MY ridiculous, but I'd love to open it up to whoever the hell YOU are. I write and then I get messages and emails from people and I go, Holy Shit! Someone's actually reading this? Well, that's nuts. But aside from that, I really get great questions and awesome stories and comments from both fellow actors and from non actors. I'd love for some of the things I get written in private to open up a conversation for everyone to take part in. So I'm going to encourage you (whoever you may be) to speak up. Here. On this blog. Write something. Tell me something. Ask things. Answer things. Whatevs...

Like I said- I don't know how the hell we got here, but Lord knows we're all in this hot mess together, ya know?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Supported in So Many Ways...

"...You are an incredible Actress and we Loved your personality. This was a very difficult decision and we liked you a lot. You had the whole team divided. We know you have a very bright future ahead of you.... And we were honored that you chose to bless us with your presence."

I mean if that isn't the nicest "we decided to go in a different direction" email, I don't know what is. But tally up another "almost" for the month of June. Ah, well. July better watch the eff out, 'cuz I'm coming for it. A little disappointment is good to spark a fuse under your bum. So I will "Use it," as they say.

Monday was a major blast from the past. A reunion with people from my very first acting class in the city 8 or so years ago. The Friday night Scene Study at T. Schreiber Studio was a huge part of my life for about 3 years. I turned 21 while in that class, I had my first breakthrough during a performance, I had my first big fails, too. That class and those people revived me so many times. I wonder if I hadn't found it if I would still be in this city. I was fairly unhappy when I first moved here (which most people, to this day, don't know).

I remember every trip home my Dad would say the same thing on the car ride to the airport. It was one sentence. And he said it only one time every trip, "You know you don't HAVE to go back." And every time I would say, "I know, Dad." with just enough sarcasm. They'd sit in the car outside the ATL airport as I checked my bags curbside then drive away waving. Tears would swell in my eyes. I would hold it together until the skycap would notice my tears as I handed over my GA ID (a connection to the homeland that I still can't give up) and ask if I was okay. Once the guy even came around the counter to give me a hug. Love that skycap.

But thank God I stuck it out! And my sappy point is, that the reunion reminded me of the scope of my support network here in NY. It really is amazing how many people I feel are behind me cheering me on. We were there for each other 8 years ago, and we are still today. It takes time to create the connections and form your safety net. But, one day you wake up and realize that you've done it. And it's vast.

Anyhow, enough with the sappy business worthy of a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack. Moving on. I had my first read through for Merry Meeting, which is the one act that goes up in the Strawberry Festival at the end of the month. I think that once we get on our feet and work out all the physicality it will be something to see. I've been working on the individual physicality for my character, experimenting with movement while going over the lines. It's been interesting finding her. Bubbly and free spirited, super smart and intuitive BUT more than okay with no one suspecting that. It's fun.

Thursday, my work day looked like this:

Oh. You recognize her? Weird.

I was at a Target superstore in Harlem, preparing boxed lunches for 200 kids when I got word that the event I was working was, in fact, a Beyonce appearance. After feeding the kids and getting them hopped up on sugar, we got word that Beyonce was running a bit behind. Turns out "a bit" in Beyonce speak means about 3 hours. Swell. Her "choreographer" came out (pretty sure they found this guy at the bodega down the street). He taught some dance moves to the kids that were mid sugar crash. (At one point he said the girls should take ballet if they want to get a man. ...Seriously. That happened) Finally she came out. Lights up. Screaming. She said three words. Kids cried. She left the stage. ...No singing. No dancing. Just a lot of hair (as the picture above can attest to). But, whatever! Because afterwards I got my Target-shop on!! I got a bunch of new Sports bras, mini Luna bars and two of these lamps:

Score! Nothing gets a girly NYC transplant going like a Super Target. And that. Is. Fact. Combine that success with the paycheck and a day of working with awesome peeps - I win!

Super chill holiday weekend filled with friends, cleaning, organizing and a hint of cooking. Lots of time spent in my hood. This whole Brooklyn thing grows on me by the day.

This week is work and rehearsal. I've also gotta pull myself together because SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK!

Like I said-

Bring it, July. Between my NYC network and my new Target sports bras, I'm feeling all kinds of supported. :)

Well. That mid week post was shot to shit, huh?


Catch ya tomorrow. My brain is fried from Sangria and mexican layer dip.

Hope your weekend was filled with friends and fam. For you peeps celebrating the 4th- I hope, like good Americans, you all ate your weight in grilled once-adorable little animals (Gross. But I'm not judging...) and that you are ending the holiday with all of your extremities in tact. Happy 4th of July.