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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's ALL Just F*ck the Filter

There's nothing like handing out maxi pads and tampons at 7am on a Friday morning. I shouldn't know that this is true. ...But I do. :-/

I spent the week working promos at a newly opened drugstore-on-crack in the Financial District. Glad to know men in that area are staying chachi- Calling girls, "darlin'" and "sweets" and single-handedly keeping the cologne industry alive and kickin'. Gross. What I wanted to say was,"Sir, I smelled you before you even rounded that corner." But instead every time, it just came out "Sir, can I offer you a free sample?" Damn that professional filter.

I was handing out a plethora of free shit throughout the week. Plenty of men asked me for tampons and maxi pads today, though, before they knew what it was I was offering. One guy reached his hand out for my then unknown bit of free shit and I said with a smile, "This is actually a feminine product, but you're welcome to take a sample for a lady in your life." He jerked his hand away so fast it was like I offered him a free sample of AIDS. Immediately the sarcastic filled words, "I mean it's not like they're used..." popped out of my mouth. Whoops. (So, my filter failed me a bit. Maybe it wasn't the most professional response, but somehow through his gagging I could tell he had a sense of humor on him) The man started convulsing. Ticking uncontrollably. Dry heaving. I think I saw tears form. His friends were full on crying they were laughing so hard. The security guard came over and asked with genuine concern if everything was ok. One of the guys answered through laughter, "This girl..(hehe)... is talking...(snort)... about periods!" Eruption of laughter. The security guard and I stood there. Quiet. Bewildered. Staring at the group of "grown" men lost in hysterics. And I had two thoughts. One: How did I get here? And two: I want to stick a maxi pad to this man's forehead.

I suppressed number 2, but I'm still wracking my brain about 1...

Wednesday was an insane day. Starting with a 7am 6 mile run (fml), then to work in the Financial District, rehearsal in Harlem, a bombed last min audition in midtown (eh, can't win 'em all), an errand in Chelsea, a reading again up in midtown and ending with a killer case of insomnia in Brooklyn. Woo! Just couldn't shake the day. It's the worst when that anxiety settles in your chest and you feel that it's just set up shop for the evening. That's when I bring out the big guns. A man I like to call, Will Shortz (...well he likes to call himself that, too, but you know the tone I was going for...). At some point Will must have done the trick, because I definitely woke up in the am with a giant ink stain on both my forearm and my 1998 Dance Company Tshirt I was rocking. Well done, Sarah.

On a completely unrelated topic- I know this blog is a whole lot of me rambling about MY ridiculous, but I'd love to open it up to whoever the hell YOU are. I write and then I get messages and emails from people and I go, Holy Shit! Someone's actually reading this? Well, that's nuts. But aside from that, I really get great questions and awesome stories and comments from both fellow actors and from non actors. I'd love for some of the things I get written in private to open up a conversation for everyone to take part in. So I'm going to encourage you (whoever you may be) to speak up. Here. On this blog. Write something. Tell me something. Ask things. Answer things. Whatevs...

Like I said- I don't know how the hell we got here, but Lord knows we're all in this hot mess together, ya know?


  1. Solidarity, sistah!

    Also, I wouldn't have stopped at the maxi pad to the forehead. It would have been a jumbo tampon up the nose.

    And I saw you are also an Atlanta native--greetings from the south! I'm still stuck here and trying to make it work as an actor! Wahoo!

  2. Right on, Lady!

    Power to the southahnahs (as they say in the south). Thanks for reading!

    I hear the acting scene in ATL is picking up. I'd love to hear more about what you're experiencing. Any parallels with crazy town up here?

    Best of luck to ya!