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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Supported in So Many Ways...

"...You are an incredible Actress and we Loved your personality. This was a very difficult decision and we liked you a lot. You had the whole team divided. We know you have a very bright future ahead of you.... And we were honored that you chose to bless us with your presence."

I mean if that isn't the nicest "we decided to go in a different direction" email, I don't know what is. But tally up another "almost" for the month of June. Ah, well. July better watch the eff out, 'cuz I'm coming for it. A little disappointment is good to spark a fuse under your bum. So I will "Use it," as they say.

Monday was a major blast from the past. A reunion with people from my very first acting class in the city 8 or so years ago. The Friday night Scene Study at T. Schreiber Studio was a huge part of my life for about 3 years. I turned 21 while in that class, I had my first breakthrough during a performance, I had my first big fails, too. That class and those people revived me so many times. I wonder if I hadn't found it if I would still be in this city. I was fairly unhappy when I first moved here (which most people, to this day, don't know).

I remember every trip home my Dad would say the same thing on the car ride to the airport. It was one sentence. And he said it only one time every trip, "You know you don't HAVE to go back." And every time I would say, "I know, Dad." with just enough sarcasm. They'd sit in the car outside the ATL airport as I checked my bags curbside then drive away waving. Tears would swell in my eyes. I would hold it together until the skycap would notice my tears as I handed over my GA ID (a connection to the homeland that I still can't give up) and ask if I was okay. Once the guy even came around the counter to give me a hug. Love that skycap.

But thank God I stuck it out! And my sappy point is, that the reunion reminded me of the scope of my support network here in NY. It really is amazing how many people I feel are behind me cheering me on. We were there for each other 8 years ago, and we are still today. It takes time to create the connections and form your safety net. But, one day you wake up and realize that you've done it. And it's vast.

Anyhow, enough with the sappy business worthy of a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack. Moving on. I had my first read through for Merry Meeting, which is the one act that goes up in the Strawberry Festival at the end of the month. I think that once we get on our feet and work out all the physicality it will be something to see. I've been working on the individual physicality for my character, experimenting with movement while going over the lines. It's been interesting finding her. Bubbly and free spirited, super smart and intuitive BUT more than okay with no one suspecting that. It's fun.

Thursday, my work day looked like this:

Oh. You recognize her? Weird.

I was at a Target superstore in Harlem, preparing boxed lunches for 200 kids when I got word that the event I was working was, in fact, a Beyonce appearance. After feeding the kids and getting them hopped up on sugar, we got word that Beyonce was running a bit behind. Turns out "a bit" in Beyonce speak means about 3 hours. Swell. Her "choreographer" came out (pretty sure they found this guy at the bodega down the street). He taught some dance moves to the kids that were mid sugar crash. (At one point he said the girls should take ballet if they want to get a man. ...Seriously. That happened) Finally she came out. Lights up. Screaming. She said three words. Kids cried. She left the stage. ...No singing. No dancing. Just a lot of hair (as the picture above can attest to). But, whatever! Because afterwards I got my Target-shop on!! I got a bunch of new Sports bras, mini Luna bars and two of these lamps:

Score! Nothing gets a girly NYC transplant going like a Super Target. And that. Is. Fact. Combine that success with the paycheck and a day of working with awesome peeps - I win!

Super chill holiday weekend filled with friends, cleaning, organizing and a hint of cooking. Lots of time spent in my hood. This whole Brooklyn thing grows on me by the day.

This week is work and rehearsal. I've also gotta pull myself together because SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK!

Like I said-

Bring it, July. Between my NYC network and my new Target sports bras, I'm feeling all kinds of supported. :)


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