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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maintain the Mess with Monumental Amounts of Momentum

I met a guy at a bar. He was a finance guy. In trying to explain my life to him (always a challenge), he looked at me like a caged zoo animal and asked me, "What keeps you going?"

"Umm. Excitement. B Vitamins. ...and a shit load of momentum."

Which brings me to...Holy hell! Where do I even start?
In summation:

Merry Meeting, the one-act I was rehearsing, opened and closed- some people laughed, some didn't. I auditioned for 10 commercial agents and casting directors- successfully DIDN'T wet myself, successfully DID do a dinosaur impression. Met with a casting director, got great info. Had my first health coaching session with my mentor, ironically...from a McDonalds. I handed out some chips, I handed out some panty liners. Passed out flowers to those getting gay-married down at City Hall (a truly amazing experience). Interviewed prospective roommates and successfully found a normal subletter. Worked out like a crazy person. Met with a commercial print agent. Designed some marketing materials. Met with a fellow Nutrition school student. Rehearsed for a reading. And thank God for those few cocktails I fit in in the middle... (no, seriously. I think I actually said Grace before that delicious pickle back shot on Saturday).

Now to delve into a few details: I decided to attend a "Commercial Night" at The Actor's Green Room (which rocks, btw). Forgot when I scheduled it, however, that my first health coaching session was immediately before (for nutrition school we're assigned a personal health coach to guide us through and help us out) and it was at a non-negotiable time. I got to the neighborhood of the audition and wouldn't you know it-when you need a damn Starbucks they can't be found. I walked and sweated and sweated and walked. Finally I settled into a seat at the Mickey D's to talk to this lady about my health habits (I found the irony in this hilarious. Perfectly in line with the rest of my life). My coach was lovely. We chatted and the 50 minutes flew by.

The audition went well, too! The people were great-Super helpful and supportive. I made new friends in the waiting room. Super laid back atmosphere. Perfect for me to bitch-slap my nerves and put 'em into check. I had one goal for this audition: Stay cool, calm and myself. Just do my thing...and Lord knows I had time to focus, because I was the very last person to go. I entered the room which had two walls lined with various Industry people. Industry people that just wanted to go home after a looooong night. Umm, can ya say intimidating?! Before I even got my name out I was asked to perform the "Sweet Dinosaur Impression" special skill that's on my resume. So, after a short intro, I busted up my face and hissed and jumped around like a flesh eating beast. There ain't no shame in my game- better believe it woke the room right up.

I did well and have since had two meetings from it. One with a Casting Director and one with a Print Agent. Both meetings were good! I was myself. I was collected and fairly charming without being irritating...I think. Now I just have to keep the relationships going and see what happens from here. (p.s. the casting director said he called me in because I seemed so at ease in the audition and that I was very "cool and chill" at the meeting. Funny story, because it was Friday-hottest day of the year. 110 degrees. What he doesn't know is that I spent the 15 minutes prior to the meeting freaking out from heat stroke, hanging with the door man and drying out my clothes over the air conditioning vent. "Do whatcha gotta do, Girl!" the doorman said with absolutely no judgment as I lifted my shirt and reveled in the cold air blasting up my sweaty self. I think I was audibly moaning. Classy, I know. But, I would say, Goal Cool Calm and Collected: Accomplished.)

So, there's a lot going on, so much to think about! I'm winded y'all. I feel like my head does not belong to me anymore. Even when I dedicate my time to one thing my head is somewhere else. I'm officially concerned. I can't seem to pull it together, to get organized. And, I was doing so well with the sleeping, but I can toss that right out the window along with my sanity. I find myself staring wistfully at babies that go by in strollers and NOT because I'm feeling that internal clock ticking. It's because I'm jealous. "There goes another ass hole baby, stretched out, just napping like it's nuthin'." ...This is a problem.

Anyhow! I've connected with a surprisingly normal girl from my holistic nutrition class (she didn't even flinch when I told her I don't like yoga!). We're going to try to meet once a week to keep on track with school. Thank God! And I guess I'll just keep riding on that momentum and do as the very accepting doorman said, “what I gotta do.” ...move my acting career forward with more meetings and events, rehearse for upcoming readings, audition for new things, make money with promotions and shopping tours, try to have a social life (what can I say, that boy at the bar was cute), oh, and work out like a crazy doing that August fitness challenge I signed up for...

...all while trying not to rage and kill any slumbering babies in the process. Amen to that.


p.s. Try saying the title five times fast. It's kinda fun...

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  1. So so so proud of you. You know that.I think the majority of my comments to you are ...i'm so proud. But I am. I love that you're taking such a powerful stance with your career. Taking classes, meeting agents. Even just to get feed back. But also getting called in. See, when I say I think you're amazing I'm not just shittin' ya.

    Keep up the good work and I'm missed this last show. Next time. Here is a thought...while you're going through your nutrition training (which sounds funny) perhaps look at it from an Actor's point of view. You know. 4-6 hour rehearsals. Barely eating until what time is it? 11:30? How can you help design a healthy eating habit around this crazy insane schedule? just a thought...