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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Riddle: What Has Twelve Chins and Makes Out With Chicks?

Who's freaking out? Who's on the verge of a mental meltdown, sounds like a big hunk of man, has a few extra chins thanks to glands the size of tennis balls, might lose her mind in a sea of memorization, may flip out and shave her head, and body checked a smelly hipster this morning for not respecting her mother effing space? ...Give up? (you can't see me, but two thumbs are pointing 180 degrees from the comp screen at "this girl")

I'll come back to this, but I want to catch you up on last week when my sanity was much more intact:

I had an agent audition through the Actor's Green Room with 10 agents. I was warned that the they don't say much and that it's a pretty awkward few minutes you're in there. So equipped with that knowledge I tried to go in with as much energy and care free attitude as I could muster.

Turns out- people don't lie. That shit was awkward. But I read well and stayed true to myself (it was a scene from Ugly Betty originally done by Jaime-Lynn Sigler).
At the end we get comment forms from each agent as feedback. Some of my comments included:
"Great work, Very precise intention" (ok!)
"Nice read, connected to the role" (Thanks!)
"Your headshot makes you look pale, but you're tanner" (...?)
"You're a great listener" (oo! Good one!)
"Nice flirting" (Duh. ;)
"Good job, Very natural quality to your work" (Well, Thank you.)

I'll take 'em! Now to follow up and hope they see what I already know: that I'm a delight and I can make them disgusting amounts of money. :)

I also had a friend's bachelorette party (Naked Boys Singing? We were right up front... Where do I look? What do I do? They were very...Naked), catered a Fashion's Night Out throwdown that made me swear off heels for the next few months, dropped it like it was hot at a theater fundraiser, and helped a dear friend find the absolute perfect wedding dress. :) Not bad.

Anyhow, back to me LOSING MY MIND! So,we're in the middle of rehearsals for our upcoming show. It's a series of short plays in which I play a whole slew of characters and my actions range from making out with two girls and a boy to playing house furniture (Yup, you read that correctly). It opens Thursday (one week from today. One week and 4 hours from this moment that I'm typing, to be exact). I don't really know what to say about this process except that I'm concerned. Too much to do, not enough time or people to do it and we -the actors- have been left to fend for ourselves. No outside set of eyes to tell us what works and what doesn't. That is, up until last night. We met with our (last min addition) associate director and finally got some feedback. Thank baby Jesus. We did some character work and we heard a lot of: "great instincts, there's just a lot of work to do." Not news, Dude. Not. News. The question becomes: when do we do this work?

The cherry on top of last night came as we rehearsed the last scene of the night. It went something like this:
-we sat in our spots and began our read
-halfway through the director stopped us
-said, "it's not you guys, but I'm bored out of my fucking mind." (not such a good thing to hear)
-"Pass your scripts to the person to your left. Read as that character."
-We did so.
-"Much better. This is the new casting."

I started cracking up. Oh, no problem. Switch characters the week before we open. Sure! I mean, he was right, but add it to the list! I went home and decided I had two choices. I could let my stress get the best of me- cry and sit on my ass shoveling almond butter into my mouth with my fingers...or I can dance it out. I decided when in doubt, Dance. It was late so I put on my headphones and jumped around like an idiot. And while my sanity and my shrinking ass thanked me for shunning self pity and mega-calories, my respiratory system wasn't so appreciative. I started hacking up a lung like a smoker swimming laps BECAUSE...

On top of everything, I've been fighting off the flu for a few days now. Woo woo! Had 102 fever and my body was aching so bad I felt like the Central Park Jogger (:-/ I know. Not the most tasteful joke I've ever written...) But, I'm trying desperately to kick the crap out of the mess inside my body with a little help from the Zicam chews I've been popping like Skittles, but it's a slow road to recovery.

Which brings me to this weekend: Friday night rehearsal, Nutrition School Conference all day Sat and Sun, A kick-ass audition opportunity that came up mid-day Saturday (leaving the conference for a hot min to attend) and a sweet headshot deal that I couldn't pass up Sunday during my Lunch break from the convention. Are. You. Kidding. Me?? Did I mention I'm losing my mind? In the meantime I'm memorizing and working on my scenes, prepping for the audition-gotta learn a new monologue, catching up with Nutrition School, sending out a mailing and potentially booking a flight to LA (!! more on this to come!).

So, to sum it all up... If you don't hear from me for a while, no biggie. Not to worry. Just assume I've either thrown myself out the window or my head exploded into a million crazy little pieces.

(Oh. And the answer to the Riddle is Me.)


  1. I hope those around you are preparing healthy concoctions for you and indulging your every whim. It's time to pull out the stops and infuse self with healthy remedies. Feel better.

  2. Thanks! I cracked and got an antibiotic. Not what I intended, but couldn't afford to take the chance of not getting better soon enough. We do what we must! Hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful Fall beginnings! Again, Thanks for reading!

  3. Gassiness warms my heart! Since you're an acolyte of the integrative path, you'll know that if antibiotics are present, you need a probiotic regimen -- heck, everyone needs probiotics all the time. Fermented dairy and old-style truly fermented pickles (e.g. BaTampte) are your friends here. Also kim chi and anything truly fermented. You will be fine.