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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Schizophrenia: The New Black

“Are you a student?”
“ Well...yes, sort of...but not really...”
“So that's work stuff you're working on?”
“Well, no. Yes. But, no. I mean...kind of.”
“I have a blog. Right now I'm writing ideas for my blog. So it's kind of like work...but not really.”
“Blog? What's your blog about?”
“Me. life...In New York...As an actor.”
“Oh, cool! So you're a student studying acting?”
*deep breath* “See, I'm getting certified in Holistic Nutrition. So it's school, but it's not like I go to college or anything. I did that already. Usually when people ask if you're in school they mean like, NYU or something...but I'm not in school like…see...what I mean...”
“Well, I'm getting certified in nutrition. To be a Health Coach. So that's school, but I already went to college, see...And I'm an right now I'm learning lines which is work, but I'm also working on my blog which is kind of work, but not really...”

It was this moment that I looked down at the mess that lay before me at the communal Whole Foods table. Sprawled across the space, like I owned the place, was two highlighted scripts, a health magazine, a notebook, random pages of scribble, an Iphone, an Ipod touch, headphones, a bottle of lemon water, and a container of kale and quinoa salad-my dinner.

Holy. Hot. Messiness.

I started cracking up and cut the awkward in the air with the acknowledgment that there was awkward in the air, “This is awkward...hahaha” (it's a tactic that usually works in my head way better than it does in practice). I'm pretty sure the man thought I was crazy (though turns out he has a thing for crazy chicks, cuz he asked for my number), but it was at this moment that I realized that my life is just an undiagnosed and (sometimes) socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.

I jumped from role to role this week/weekend trying to hold onto my sanity with white knuckles.

Let's start with the role of Health Coach:
DO news! The first DO is being done! The program has commenced (though it's not too late to sign up :). I've gotten great feedback! It's so exciting!

People are doing the DO all over the country! New York, Georgia, Maryland, DC!! I'm a little east coast heavy, so keep up the viral spread. Tweet the DO, Facebook the DO, email the DO, drop the DO in conversation (you know what I mean...). I so appreciate any help you can offer!

Now for the role of Actress:
I had that weird show in BK. Lot's of artsy Brooklyn folk drinking beer and twirling their mustaches (facial hair is on the Hipster must-have list this season). It was probably the worst conditions to do theater I've ever experienced. We had rehearsed it as a subtly acted piece with intimate moments. And the performance ended up being in the middle of a crowd of a few hundred people in an open warehouse space. We had to scream at each other to be heard, at the same time trying not to over-act. The work sort of seemed to lose the relevance it had in rehearsals. Learn and move on. I did meet some awesome people!

At tech rehearsal. That's me in the scarf looking pissed.
Now picture this space with a mass of hipsters surrounding us.

I also began rehearsals for the upcoming show, “Jose Antigo”. We're still getting re-writes so it's hard to chomp down on the script with real fervor just yet. I do love my character, though. She's a sad product of her environment. Sassy, loud mouthed, back talking waitress with a chip on her shoulder. Somehow I find her endearing. ;)

I also shot a short film, “Especially by Fire” with some lovely people. In it I play a binging alcoholic. I spent three nights bawling my eyes out, chugging watered down coke, with my head in a toilet (that I made them bleach first. DIVA moment! ;). Moaning, gagging, yelling, deep breathing. Talk about draining! 

Screenshot from "Especially by Fire"
I am no lady in this one, my friends. Boogers, tears, matted hair. I'm pretty sure I got some good ugly-cries in there. You know, the kind with the scrunched face and the snot dribbling down the upper lip...won't be taking home Miss Photogenic for this one, folks.

Another screenshot from "Especially by Fire"
I drank all that Jameson during the shoot. ...I'm method. ;)

(Now, permit me to get all actory for a quick sec: I've had a few non-actor people (read normal) after I've explained why I'm so tired from this weekend, say to me, “That's cool, but I mean, It's not real. You're pretending.” And to that, I say this- The idea is that you go to a place in your head that elicits the response of the character. So essentially the emotions are real. The tears are real. The energy is real. If it's not real, you're a liar not an actor. And audiences can spot a liar from a mile away. See? ...and now to dismount my actor-high-horse of obnoxiousness...:)

I also found time Sunday night to get together with two great girlfriends to do our annual New Year's bucket list. On my personal list is getting organized-once and for all. You may not know this about me, but my organizational skills are sub-par. Beyond. Whiff-the-ball, roll-through-the-rough-and-land-in-a-sand-trap twice sub-par. (which, I realize would actually mean above par in golf...but whatever. You get the joke.) ...anyhow can't wait for that to start!

More rehearsals and more insanity in the coming days. A secret: I love it. Insanity looks good on me, it seems. And you better believe I'm gonna work that schizophrenia.

...Work it like I did that sexy robe in those pictures up there. ^
Eat your heart out.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doing the Do.

And just when I thought I didn't have the Go-getter attitude I wanted to start 2012...

Currently rehearsing 4 Projects (one show is tonight!)
Cast in another show
and Started a little business

Ha! Turns out being sick in bed and canceling all obligations to the free world can make for a crazy productive and eye opening few days. As I lay in bed (between fits of coughing my face off), my brain started dwelling on Nurition School and what the hell I was going to do with that part of my life. My biggest fear all along has been that after investing so much time and energy, I would come out at the other end more lost than I was before (if that's possible). Speaking honestly, I was completely terrified.

I've had a lot of “good” ideas. But nothing that lit that fire under my ass. Nothing that got the fingers flying on the keyboard, and pushed me into action. I couldn't decide what to do. ( We all know I'm on my own time schedule in making decisions, but once I'm compelled- there is no looking back. Switch. Flipped.) And my switch, my friends? My switch has flipped.

... Thank the baby Jesus!!

I've got big plans, but I'm taking my own advice and starting small. So...Welcome to fruition: SARAH'S DAILY DO!

Here's the jam:
I realized that tons of people like the IDEA of getting healthy, but it's too overwhelming and no one knows where to start. Basically I was sick of telling everyone that asked me how to get healthy to “start small.” And so, I have created a program. Super simple. Newsletter subscription. New wellness task every two weeks. Could be nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, relationship... it's a holistic approach. Without the holistic attitude. No juice cleansing, no self hugs, no bullshit.

I break down some info for you. Share tips and tricks along the way. Favorite products, interesting articles. All written in my own style. Oh, and I'm also here via email correspondence. So it's like having me as your own motivational, though occasionally sassy and foul mouthed mini-Health Coach!!!

This is gonna be fun, folks!

But the best thing is that I think I'll be reaching people that seem to be left behind. You shouldn't have to wait for a health scare to make changes. You shouldn't have to read thousands of articles to figure out how to make those changes. And it shouldn't be a daunting task to take control of your body and your health. And holy (grass fed) cow, am I passionate about this (just ask my father. I bug the hell out of him with it...)

I seriously can't wait to (ever so gently) start nudging people in the direction of better health. AND I get to write at the same time?! Ahh!

Now here's the part I suck at. MARKETING. Oh, I can write cute catchy plays on words: Do the DO. DO it, I dare you. I wanna DO you (I could go on...) but I NEED to get the word spread. So I'm taking suggestions. Post 'em in the comments, send to me on FB, tweet 'em to me. Whatevs. Just help a sistah out.

Here's the sign up:

Like me. Tweet me. Forward me. Poke me. ...wait. Don't poke me, that's weird. Share the news! I wanna spread all over the country like that gross stomach virus did last week...just...with a healthier outcome.

yay! :)

Now, in other artsier news, I have that weird show in Brooklyn tonight. Among the audience. No set. Just actors. In a crowd. Trying to put on a show. ...yeah, needless to say, I should have SOME story to tell after this evening.

I was also cast in another show coming up end February/beginning March. A director that saw me in something a while back contacted me via Facebook and offered me the part. Not bad, I would say.

I'm super excited for this month's projects mostly because all the characters I'm working on are challenging and I think I'll get to learn a lot from them. Just to give you an idea:
-Sassy figment of a playwright's mind
-Alcoholic at the end of her rope
-Bride on the verge of a breakdown
-Slutty, self involved neighbor with marriage problems
-Fed up and entitled young waitress

Anyone dealing with me in my personal life better watch out in the coming days. My brain is gonna be all over the place. I'll be lucky if I know my fanny from my face.

But, really, all good things coming at me. So far I'm liking what 2012 is bringing. Excited to make some things happen! (at this point I'd ask everyone to put their hands in the middle and say some sort of a cheer...but there is no middle, as this is a blog and people that do that are annoying. Soo...)

Anyhow, help me spread the DO and let's keep killing this new year.
Be well, my friends. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anyone Know a Good Looking Pharmacist?

So, either there is a cold/flu outbreak of epidemic proportions going on right now in this city or the number of meth labs has gone up exponentially in the past few weeks. Three different drug stores and a bad attitude later, I'm FINALLY hopped up on pseudophedrine and guaifenesin and all those other awesome drugs that you can only get if you know the secret handshake or you've slept with the pharmacist. I write to you with a Puffs plus perpetually attached to my nostrils and zinc and echinacea coursing through my body at potentially toxic levels.

I'm sick. Dammit. And right when the new year is beginning and I was prepared to hit the ground running with excitement and energy. ...But all I want to do is curl up with a Yogi tea and mouth breathe.

In all seriousness, though, I gotta kick this thing quick. Check out the January lineup, my friends:

Jan 14- Show at Gowanus Ballroom, "Hope..."
Jan 19-21 Potentially filming a Short (meeting about this on Wednesday)
Jan 28-Pilot Season Workshop
Jan 30, 31- Scene nights with The Unknown Artists
with rehearsals and hella memorization in between. Whew!

So I gotta put the beat down on this this cold business so I can get moving. It's always a weird time of year - the first weeks of January. Everyone has this motivation to make changes and jump into a new year with resolutions and promises and intentions (oh my!), but at the same time it's hard to get moving after you've spent days stuffing your face with party mix and peppermint brownies while staring at this:

Lincoln and the Christmakkuh Tree

While my Holiday was more lentil curls and hummus than party mix and brownies, I did have a nice time at home (and don't knock the curls 'till you try 'em. They are bomb...not to mention fiber filled and protein packed...) My Holiday break consisted of family, and friends, and cooking. So much cooking. Cooking a shit load (... and that's a measurement of amount. It's not that I was cooking actual loads of shit...for the record). You see, my family's health is sort of messy right now.  So, in addition to cooking enough food for all, I was especially concerned with making it a healthy Christmakkuh this year (shocking, I know...).

All my gifts this year were health themed: Matcha Green Tea and Michael Pollen's "Food Rules" for my bro, workout clothes and "The China Study" book for my pops, and a health mag subscription and seated boxing workout video for the Ma to be done while recovering from a gimp foot. While home, I took my Dad wandering through the daunting new Whole Foods in town, showed him some good picks at the local Trader J's and somehow found time to take a few naps, drink too much at a holiday party, shop at the Super-Target and hang with a few old friends.
My Becca. The best Nurse/friend in town.


Trips home, however, are always a little confusing. I deal with an odd combination of feelings: the comfort of being where you grew up mixed with the complete unease of feeling so out of the loop in this place that was once so familiar. People are different, places are different, I'm different. I don't know intersections anymore or directions, I have to ask if our destination has parking (Lord knows what would happen if I was asked to parallel park these days...), and everyone is older. Which is scary.

By the end of my trip I was antsy to get back to my life. I tend to get both anxious and completely exhausted when I leave the city.

So here I am- back in my town. Ready to take on 2012. ...or ready to get ready to take on 2012. I'm not into making super definite resolutions right now. Maybe it's because I spent the year making pretty big changes and decisions for myself that I don't need the date to dictate my need for a rebirth...or maybe that's a little convoluted and  it's just that I'm so hopped up on cold medication that I can't see past my next bout of REM sleep at the moment...

Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna kill 2012. I may not be feeling super "go-get-'em!" right now, but I know me. I'll come around.

Happy New Year, my friends. Eat well, be well and for goodness sake take Vitamin C. Now. ...if there's any left at the Duane Reade.