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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doing the Do.

And just when I thought I didn't have the Go-getter attitude I wanted to start 2012...

Currently rehearsing 4 Projects (one show is tonight!)
Cast in another show
and Started a little business

Ha! Turns out being sick in bed and canceling all obligations to the free world can make for a crazy productive and eye opening few days. As I lay in bed (between fits of coughing my face off), my brain started dwelling on Nurition School and what the hell I was going to do with that part of my life. My biggest fear all along has been that after investing so much time and energy, I would come out at the other end more lost than I was before (if that's possible). Speaking honestly, I was completely terrified.

I've had a lot of “good” ideas. But nothing that lit that fire under my ass. Nothing that got the fingers flying on the keyboard, and pushed me into action. I couldn't decide what to do. ( We all know I'm on my own time schedule in making decisions, but once I'm compelled- there is no looking back. Switch. Flipped.) And my switch, my friends? My switch has flipped.

... Thank the baby Jesus!!

I've got big plans, but I'm taking my own advice and starting small. So...Welcome to fruition: SARAH'S DAILY DO!

Here's the jam:
I realized that tons of people like the IDEA of getting healthy, but it's too overwhelming and no one knows where to start. Basically I was sick of telling everyone that asked me how to get healthy to “start small.” And so, I have created a program. Super simple. Newsletter subscription. New wellness task every two weeks. Could be nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, relationship... it's a holistic approach. Without the holistic attitude. No juice cleansing, no self hugs, no bullshit.

I break down some info for you. Share tips and tricks along the way. Favorite products, interesting articles. All written in my own style. Oh, and I'm also here via email correspondence. So it's like having me as your own motivational, though occasionally sassy and foul mouthed mini-Health Coach!!!

This is gonna be fun, folks!

But the best thing is that I think I'll be reaching people that seem to be left behind. You shouldn't have to wait for a health scare to make changes. You shouldn't have to read thousands of articles to figure out how to make those changes. And it shouldn't be a daunting task to take control of your body and your health. And holy (grass fed) cow, am I passionate about this (just ask my father. I bug the hell out of him with it...)

I seriously can't wait to (ever so gently) start nudging people in the direction of better health. AND I get to write at the same time?! Ahh!

Now here's the part I suck at. MARKETING. Oh, I can write cute catchy plays on words: Do the DO. DO it, I dare you. I wanna DO you (I could go on...) but I NEED to get the word spread. So I'm taking suggestions. Post 'em in the comments, send to me on FB, tweet 'em to me. Whatevs. Just help a sistah out.

Here's the sign up:

Like me. Tweet me. Forward me. Poke me. ...wait. Don't poke me, that's weird. Share the news! I wanna spread all over the country like that gross stomach virus did last week...just...with a healthier outcome.

yay! :)

Now, in other artsier news, I have that weird show in Brooklyn tonight. Among the audience. No set. Just actors. In a crowd. Trying to put on a show. ...yeah, needless to say, I should have SOME story to tell after this evening.

I was also cast in another show coming up end February/beginning March. A director that saw me in something a while back contacted me via Facebook and offered me the part. Not bad, I would say.

I'm super excited for this month's projects mostly because all the characters I'm working on are challenging and I think I'll get to learn a lot from them. Just to give you an idea:
-Sassy figment of a playwright's mind
-Alcoholic at the end of her rope
-Bride on the verge of a breakdown
-Slutty, self involved neighbor with marriage problems
-Fed up and entitled young waitress

Anyone dealing with me in my personal life better watch out in the coming days. My brain is gonna be all over the place. I'll be lucky if I know my fanny from my face.

But, really, all good things coming at me. So far I'm liking what 2012 is bringing. Excited to make some things happen! (at this point I'd ask everyone to put their hands in the middle and say some sort of a cheer...but there is no middle, as this is a blog and people that do that are annoying. Soo...)

Anyhow, help me spread the DO and let's keep killing this new year.
Be well, my friends. :)

1 comment:

  1. That's disparate group of characters that you describe . . . . I wish you the best in channeling them.

    The Daily DO -- now this is a cool way to begin exercising the knowledge that you've learned. I'm impressed! Being sick in bed gave you the time and space to think and get this "epiphany". Wielding credentials like Gandalf wielded his staff, you can connect with the audience you cultivate.

    There's certainly a need out there. So many people, of all ages, seem to have a blind spot about good nutrition. Or maybe they need motivation with other lifestyle changes, like incorporating more activity in a sustained manner. Maybe, they didn't get the news about vitamin D, and don't know a phytonutrient from a carotenoid. And those wonderful, essential probiotics? Fugeddaboutit....

    So, there's a need. An ongoing need in all sectors of the population, including many brilliant people who've just been too busy to, say, discover who Dr. Weil is. There are doubtless many ways to use integrative nutrition credentials, and this is an inventive way to start. Have fun spreading the word, Sarah! And Dr. Weil -- take notice!