Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Roles of Mob Wife, Sorority Slut, and Medical Detective Will be Played By:

Ok. So I didn't exactly stick to my promise of a Friday post. But I'm back! ...Now.

I did, in fact, go to the Mobster show premier party last week.

Promo Shot from Discovery ID Website

It was very bizarre to actually meet the woman I portrayed in the series. Upon entering the party I ran into a Production Assistant that told me the real life Toni Marie was there and was excited to meet me. "Oh shit." was my initial reaction. I mean, what does one say in that situation?? "Sorry your ex-husband's a douche bag, but I had a really great time playing you in your time of complete despair." ...would have been an interesting approach, but not what I went with. It was something more like, "So nice to finally meet you. I hope you're happy with my performance..." (better, I thought). She was super nice and complimentary and totally Mob-Wifey. See below:
Tonie Marie and Me

I must say that seeing myself on a GINORMOUS screen slinking around in lingerie and making an O-face was an experience unlike any other I've had before (NOW I bet you wanna see it?! Eh?). I'm pretty sure my face was as red as my Mobster-wife lipstick. The whole experience was a trip. Mostly it was so amazing to see how many people I have supporting me. The number of messages and well wishes I received blew me away. Such a nice reminder of all the people that are rooting for me. Cheesy as it sounds, I don't know that I could still be doing this without that support. It makes a world of difference knowing that there are people on your team. ...even if it means they've now seen your O face (sorry family).

And then, the very next day I shot a commercial!! This is great on a number of fronts. 1. Paycheck. 2. Booked it through a new agency. 3. I mean, I can cry on demand, I can bring fire to a screaming fight, I can yack into a toilet for "art," but I REALLY must be a good actor if I can believably play a Sorority girl in a hot-pink t-shirt and a pearl headband. Talk about a stretch!

That's me in the pink! Check out "the house" behind me! There were balloons and streamers involved...

It was a near disaster getting to set. Damn the L train! A random shut down caused my mad dash to Penn Station to catch the train to Jersey (Many positive thoughts go out to that cab driver. He was a freakin' champion.) Then an altercation with a disgruntled passenger and the conductor (many an f-bomb thrown on that train ride). But, I finally made it to set (and on time! ...though slightly sweaty and still coming down from my adrenaline rush/anxiety attack.) Luckily the shoot went WAY smoother than the commute. Thank God. Lovely people, quick and easy and though I only got my lines 5 minutes before we started shooting, I didn't fuck it up!! Holla!

In other news, I've had some big time developments in the health business I'm working on. It's pretty amazing to see something coming along that is the product of my small idea that's grown to something awesome (if I do say so myself. ...and I do ;). I have a great partner and she's just as excited and in love with it as I am. I can't wait until I can tell you about it! Soon enough... (ahhh! Suspense is killing me.)

On a more personal note, I got into this health shebang because I was sick and tired of watching people be sick and tired. I wanted to make a difference in others' lives. That being said, I'm gonna be honest, which is difficult sometimes even for me. But here goes: my own health isn't the greatest right now. After a shit load of google time, webmd, late night medical research and my family attempting to play Dr. House on my symptoms (where IS Hugh Laurie when you need him?!?) It's time I turn my focus inward and work out some kinks so that I can attack all the awesome things in my life with full force. I feel like it's been a long time coming, but recent events have made me realize that I need to get my situation under control for good. I don't think it's anything too serious, so don't go freaking out on me. But it definitely requires my full attention and dedication. Health comes first. Life is too freakin' fun to neglect it.

So between that and auditions and a new business and friends' weddings and work and random things like a 5k run where you get pelted with colored corn starch:

Color Run. AKA: Stupid things Americans do for fun.

I've been pretty darn busy.

I'll be back to update you soon. Take care out there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Remember that time I wrote a blog post???

That's weird, because it was so damn long ago I barely remember!! While I'd like to apologize for neglecting you, poor blog, the thing is that life got so cray-cray I simply didn't have the time to devote to writing something post-able. Which, to be honest, this time around is a good thing!

I opened and closed the show Happily After Tonight. There was blood and guts and laughs to be had. ...along with hospital visits, stitches, bruises and real life bleeding. It was quite the experience! I felt great about some performances and terrible about others. That's the way it goes. The cast was incredible and super talented and I'm lucky to know them. Even if the show left me looking like this:

You should see the other guy...

So, you may wonder what I've been up to all this time. Or not, but It's my blog so I'm telling you anyway. ;) Well... I've been auditioning, and developing a new company, and giving shopping tours to middle-Americans (and some foreigners), and visiting with family, and dating, and and and…

But it's all paying off! This week is the BOMB! Tonight (Wednesday) my episode of “I Married a Mobster” premiers on the Discovery ID Channel!! Whoop Whoop! (10:30pm EST.) I will be viewing from the premier party that is being thrown at (shocker!) an Italian restaurant in the city. I will be hiding my face, trying not to vom as I experience the episode for the first time with a room full of people (I get super embarrassed and critical watching myself onscreen). But I am pumped!! Watch the promo video here

Still shot from "I Married a Mobster"

AND tomorrow, I am shooting a commercial! That's right, my friends, I have booked a commercial where I will probably say cheesy lines and act like I love things. It's gonna be awesome! And it's extra great news because I booked it through a new agency, so that's good business for the future, as well. I'm playing “sorority girl” (try not to laugh). Wardrobe asked me if I have a bow to bring to wear in my hair... I don't. Soooo, I'll let you know how that goes! ;-)

All in all things are coming along. It's been hell trying to name this new health and wellness company of mine, but I feel like we're getting closer. The name is so important! I mean, we all know how I feel about a good catchy, clever title. I sometimes think for HOURS about a blog post title, so you can imagine the agony of naming a freakin' company. So far I've avoided poking my eyes out with an organic baby carrot in frustration, but I don't yet have a name...

I'm still waiting for all these bits and pieces of my life to fit together seamlessly. Every day is an odd puzzle of jobs and activities where the only common denominator is, well, me. I'm hoping that things start making sense soon (sense and money. Not having a coronary every time I have to decide whether or not to take a cab will be nice...whenever that day comes...oh, and a post-2002 TV where the people don't look like robots will be nice, too).

That's it for the quick update. I'll try and post Friday (scratch that. I WILL post Friday) about my experience watching my Mob Wife Life on the TV screen and shooting a commercial!

Oh and ps, remember when I filmed that short where I yacked into a toilet and ugly cried for hours?? Watch it here!!! 

Much love to ya!