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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ugh. Silence The Sniveling. Back to Business!

Alright, alright. Enough with the sappy stuff. Enough with the girly tears and the ridiculous baby exaltation and the mushy insides. Back to work, Sarah. Pull your shit together.

I mean, hell. I wouldn't even know what to do with a baby, for cryin' out loud (pun intended). I'm guessing innate instinct would take over if one were in front of me, but from here - no baby in sight...I got nothin'.

So enough already with that adorable, sweet little nugget of a Jacobs back in GA. Enough!

Wait, one more pic.
Like a person... only smaller!
Ok. Now! Enough!

Back to business:

So, here's the jam: I've been auditioning my face off. I did a round at One on One (a studio where you do audition sessions for various industry peeps) and focused on Casting Directors and a couple of Agents.

I did really well! I usually do pretty well. And I don't think I see my auditions through unself-aware beer goggles. I mean, I got great feedback. I would even go so far as to say that I got awesome feedback...well...except for that one...

...there's that occasional rough one where it goes right to crap in a handbasket (or something like that). It's an unfortunate thing. Mid monologue you feel the air in the room thicken. The moments of silence between lines defy the rules of space and time and turn to eons. You keep the words coming, stay focused, connected. Afraid of losing the honesty, but mentally you acknowledge the fateful fact: You are straight sucking.

It's a truth we all must come to terms with: Sometimes, you suck. That's just the way it goes. I'm lucky that I have confidence and seem to have procured the skill of shaking off the “shitty” fairly quickly. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm my own worst critic- judgmental and impatient and hard on myself. But there comes a point where, after all is said and done, if you sucked, you gotta get over it. Or, much like trucking, you'll just keep on sucking...

Initially, I try and go into auditions with the mentality that I'm gonna have a blast, entertain some folks, and act the crap out of whatever I'm performing. And, even when I accidentally suck, turns out that keeping this mentality tends to reward me redeeming qualities in the eyes of my auditioner. I usually throw some jokes out there, lighten the mood. And, generally it works in my favor.

So, yes, I had one fairly unfortunate audition, BUT I had plenty of others in the past days that I feel pretty damn amazeballs about ('s an industry unit of measure...). I received lots of incredible feedback that, luckily, far outweighs the suck. I was in the final running for parts in a commercial and a film, but eventually lost out in the final round. Grr. But, such is life.

On top of auditioning for all sorts of things, I've spent recent days running from the gym to working and then to meetings...

A short while back, I was working an event as a brand rep for a very technologically advanced phone. (You can imagine my surprise when I realized the job I was booked for...Me. The Tech-Tard.) I quickly fell into my own lingo as I rattled on to savvy entrepreneurs about the “Super fancy phone” with an “awesome camera”. And the “durable glass screen that could protect the Pope”... not quite what was in the script, but I think I made it work... :-/ Essentially, I spent the week of “work” hanging with co-worker friends, chatting with super interesting people and networking. AWESOME! I was even offered a full-time job at a toy company on the spot. ...It was oddly tempting! But, I didn't take it.

Commencing. With Emily Tuckman.
In addition, the show I was working on, “Commencing”, has opened, closed, and incidentally, re-opened and re-closed. We were awarded the opportunity to have an encore performance based on positive audience reaction. A nice achievement for the production. All in all, it went well!

I've also started an On-Camera class with a Casting Director I've been eying. She does a lot in the Indie Film world. Our first class focused on cold reads (get a script, look over it for 5 minutes and then perform it). Now, in this scenario, I'm lucky that my reading skills are good and I'm an intuitive actor. The class went really well: feedback like this: “Wow. You fucking nailed it.” is pretty much exactly what you want to hear. She even called me in to an audition this week! Mission: 'get on her radar' accomplished. :)

And, as usual, the anxiety of ending a show has settled in, so I'm getting to work setting up even more auditions with the hopes of lining up my next projects. I'm also printing new headshots, designing new business cards and postcards, and staying on everyone's radar with updates...whew!!

...coming soon.
Then there's The Wellness Project. I am beyond excited. Thanks to my amazing partner pretty much learning to write web-code as we go, our website is coming together! (though not quite ready for release into the wild) We have tons of potential partners lined up and a photoshoot in the works to procure pics that accurately represent our brand. Bahhhh! It's all happening. And I am so. pumped.

Goodness. Life is cray.

Oh, and I'm “training” for my first running event! I was challenged ...and we all know I don't like that. I signed up for a 15K in April. This weather is keeping me glued to a treadmill and I am slightly losing my mind. ...if one can lose their mind only slightly...

Anyhow, I'm now SUPER over the Winter. All this bullshit snow is getting to me. The sight of coats makes me cringe. My feet ache from being imprisoned in boots. My skin is a shade of pale yellow that I am not even a little okay with. Ugh. So... in a moment of bravery and pure winter exhaustion, I did the unthinkable! …I told my friend I would go on vacation with him! My first since college! Ah! Watch me as I get over my anxiety and fear of commitment and book a ticket to...Belize!!!

Aaaaah! Not until Labor Day. But still!

In the mean time, you can catch me running around this town clinging to my sanity or on the treadmill like whoa. ...I'm just thanking baby Jesus for the 90's hip hop Pandora station. It's the only thing getting me through.

No diggity, no doubt, y'all.
...pure Pandora poetry...

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  1. ok ok ok. This baby, you're obsessed. OBSESSED! But in the good way. Congrats (since I haven't said it sooner) to you and your family.

    One on One. Please keep us (me) updated and in the loop about this. I have barely dipped my toes into it and need to really focus and utilize that tool.