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Big Country Blues Trailer
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flounder in Southern Waters

So...I cried. Upon walking up the stairs of my brother's house, I saw my Mom appear from around the corner. In her arms, all squirming and alive, a little nugget of a human. ...and I effin cried.

Not face contorted, weird breathing ugly cried. More like my eyes were leaking unexpected emotion. It was stupid. I then proceeded to exclaim genius statements- “Oh my gosh! It moves!”  And come to alarming revelations- “he's so small!” And ask brilliant questions- “how does this thing work?” 

Intellectually the miniature model stumped me. Though, instinctively I scooped him up and seemed to know just how to hold him all snuggled into the crook of my elbow. I touched his little face and held his (actually freakishly big in comparison to his body) little hand. Stared into his deep blue eyes that look like he knows answers to questions we don't even know to ask. They are surprisingly wise. ...well, at least until his muscles relax and he goes all cross eyed. You guys. He is seriously freakin' adorable.

very intense conversation.

So, clearly, I went home to ATL. I got in a healthy dose of Fun Aunt Sarah time, which goes hand in hand with a healthy dose of experiential birth control. Yup, don't worry, friends! My own uterus felt nothing but relief upon handing the little peanut back to his parents. Nothing. But. Relief. 

Ain't nobody got time for that.

As usual I spent my time at home maximizing every valued second. The quality of my activity was quantitative because the time was ticking - Meet the new nugget and spend time with the Bro/Sis-in Law combo pack, shop with Mom, run errands with Dad, hang with Grandma, catch up with an old friend over Thai dinner, help throw a Wedding Shower for my bestie... go. go. go...

Wedding Mania.
So, as the Maid of Honor to my long time best friend, Becca (simply one of the most amazing people on the planet), I was one of a few hosts for her wedding shower. Thank God for the Matron of Honor, our other awesome childhood friend, Kate. Because, talk about out of my element! All the chatter about invitations and dish patterns and matching serving platters.... Wow. I was a NY single fish thrown into suburban wedding waters. I overheard more than a few comments that went something like, “...she's Becca's old friend. She's an actress from...New York.” said as if that somehow explained, well, me.

 It came time for gifts and I had to laugh. Wild guess which one is mine??

My hot mess of color in the sea of black and white.

It is so interesting going back home. Seeing the life that I could easily have ended up living. And, honestly, realizing just how unfitting it would have been. I mean, my nail polish is always chipped, my dishes will probably never match, I seriously suck at tennis, and I fucking love the eff word. According to Southern convention, I'm kind of a big 'ole disaster. I do love to go back to GA. I love my southern roots. But...I really don't think I make a damn bit of sense there any more. I'm a NY city girl. Done deal. ...y'all. ;)

After the trip, needless to say, I'm tired. But I got what I needed. Family time. City escape. And everyday a good power-ballad, warm-GA-sun-kinda-run. And now, after I slept in today until an unheard of 10:30am, I am ready to get back to business and focus my crazy, lab-puppy energy into my city life again.

Before I get to updates, permit me to go back in time a moment to a week ago, as I was sitting in an audience watching my own words be played out on a stage. Remember that Short Play of mine that was being produced? Well, it happened! While I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I realized something about myself: turns out I might be a little bit of a control freak. I mean, don't get me wrong, the actors were great! It was great! I so appreciated the preservation of honesty and connection to character, as the interpretation of the script could easily have gone straight to the absurd. But, I just really wanted one rehearsal with the actors! I just wanted to work the scene with them, tweak moments and get to play! It was such a weird experience for me. Being on the complete other side of the process. I'm super grateful for the opportunity and I actually want to fine tune the script. Maybe I'll try my hand at writing some more pieces of that nature. Who knows?

Anyhow, back to the present. I'm back in city and I've slipped seamlessly into my NY groove. (Seriously, I walked in the door from the airport, dropped my bags and turned right around to meet my friends for our annual Easter brunch. It felt great to be back with my peeps.)

5 Easters together and going strong!

So, now I'm back at the NY Muffins Cafe, Green Juice in hand, one ear listening to the singer-songwriter station earbud style, the other eavesdropping on a couple of hipsters contemplating painting a living room mural of an octopus and a rainbow. You know, to signify new beginnings ( think I'm kidding...).

I'm home. :)

Now, onward! I'm getting my eating back to normal after an Easter pig out (you should, too! Check out Smart-Mouthed for steps to an easy spring cleaning of your bod). We're prepping for The Wellness Project photoshoot coming up at the end of the month. I'm setting up auditions and getting back to the hustle. I have energy like whoa and the sun poking out here and there is fueling my fire.

I've got Spring in my step, friends. Time to make shit happen.


  1. Welcome HOME. I feel the same way whenever I travel back to visit family. It's not home. I know it hurts my mom's heart to hear me say it but NY is home. There is a feeling of contentment and happiness when I see that skyline from the air or I cross over one of the many bridges into Manhattan. I'm Home. Going back to your roots does exactly what you described. It just affirms you're where you're supposed to be.

    I also have to agree 100%. We call all our nieces and nephews and 2nd cousins collectively..."birth control." It works. Really well.

    You should talk to Matt about being a writer and seeing your work performed onstage. He's tightly wound as you know and had to overcome that urge to meddle.

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