Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow White the Red Nosed Sarah. (...Or, whatever. I blame the cold medicine.)

I stood in the middle of the street. The only things audible: Some children laughing in the distance, and my own breath echoing in my ears like an astronaut in space. I existed in the wintery scene, a lone pioneer. With everything covered in white, modern distinctions and rough edges are less discernable. Present melds into the past and I tend to feel some odd connection with the NY of old - the city we see in pictures and textbooks. And I feel, in the snow, more than any other time really, like a part of this town’s history.
A dynamic sense of peace takes over the streets used to hurried movement and stark contrasts. There’s a new kind of magic in this town when it snows. When white silence lulls the city to sleep, the world seems not so harsh. Like it will cradle you if you fall.
And with some pretty heavy things going down in my family’s world, a bit of softness, even in the form of precipitation, was appreciated. With all of my grandparents on an unfortunate decline at the same time, it’s a lot to handle. I hate that I’m not much help from so far away. And while there’s a lot of stress in GA, there’s a lot going down here in BK that I have to be happy about, which creates an interesting tug. But for lack of a better saying, it is what it is.

God must have felt my guilt, because amid all the things going right in BK, I was struck with an unfortunate case of the plague. Of course I was! After a full year of health, my immune system looked like it was kicking ass and taking names. White blood cells prepped and ready for a winter of Braveheart warfare… But, no. I fell to the invaders from the Army of Yuck. And right during the same week I was opening a show, shooting a commercial gig, and having final meetings with some prospective TWP clients.
I HATE being sick. I don't take it well. No energy, no work, no gym... no bueno. Upon realization of my body’s defeat, I quickly went into health freak overdrive. Zinc, and elderberry, and apple cider vinegar, and manuka honey, and olive leaf, and turmeric, and ginger… I'm a walking experiment on the toxicity levels of holistic cold remedies. (BTW, if I do end up croaking, I want it noted that it was in the name of Holistic Medicine.)
So anyhow, how’s about some deets…

Shared Intimacy: Underground. With actor Biniam Tekola
After swearing off theater until TWP is moving along, I was met with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Over coffee, a producer that received my name from a reputable writer I’ve worked with in the past, presented me with an idea for a play unlike any I had heard before: A conversation. On a NY Subway (literally). Overheard by whomever. For an invited audience of few. The idea is that, in New York, moments that should be private are often had in public. The city bringing a sense of anonymity, and in turn, intimate conversations become public domain.
To add to the circus, the thing is written by 3 different writers in the matter of a week. Then we rehearse it for a week. Then DO IT ON THE SUBWAY. …When I said “crazy show,” clearly, I meant it. So everything is variable. The audience, the train schedule, the bystanders… EV-ERY-THING. It’s an amazing exercise in focus and trust and serious anxiety management.
For example: Show number 7. Mid scene. The train rolled to a stop. …and didn’t move. It stayed there. For 15 minutes!!… We sat there in silence. Awkward. My next lines were, “Come on. Move it.” …but we, quite simply, had nowhere to go! So we sat there. Very quietly. The scene suspended in anticipation and adrenalin soaked energy. I can now tell you, 15 minutes with an audiences eyes on you feels like an eternity. AN ETERNITY. I forced my body into a state of calm so that I gave away nothing. No tense shoulders, no darting eyes, no telltale sign that Sarah (the actor) was slightly freaking out at the silence that went from momentary to monumental. Impatience wasn’t hard to convey. …FINALLY the train creaked and began in the direction of safety. “Come on. Move it.” I said as I awkwardly kicked the foot of my scene partner to continue with the feeling left over from eons of silence as spectacle. We stood up and walked to the double doors, the audience falling in behind us. A collective sigh of relief as we spilled onto the platform at some random station in Brooklyn we had never been to before to continue the show on a street we’ve never seen before… Oy. So. Many. Variables.

With Actor Audrey Kovar

We just finished our insane run, and I have to say that I’m incredibly grateful for the experience. There’s really nothing like being that close to an audience. It’s connection that’s on a whole new level. And to be so on our toes and flexible, allowing each unplanned moment to change and dictate what comes next so fluidly - Really, I’m lucky this one came at me. And with such awesome people, too.

Chef Maria. Buon Appetito, Y'all! ;)
I also just shot a commercial gig for an Italian food brand. I was Chef Maria. Preparing plates of pasta with precision and prowess. …not to mention, trying not to eff up the Italian language too terribly. “Catanisella Lunga Pasta Number 28 with Putanesca Sauce” became the bane of my fake Italian existence. They kept switching the order of the words around - "is it 'Catanisella Lunga Pasta Number 28,' or lets try 'Catanisella Lunga Number 28 Pasta.' Wait how about 'Number 28 Catanisella Lunga Pasta...'" After a few bloopers and slips of English curse words, I pulled it together quickly and nailed the takes. And soon, Housewives across America will be cooking gluten centric grub along with me.

Nug's first Christmas! (wrapping paper was just as exciting as toys)
It’s been a while since my last post, and Christmas came and went, and the New Year is here! As you know, I’m big on setting intentions for my coming 365 days (make plans, not resolutions). My mantra, “Brave in 2013” did very well by me, and I look forward to continuing that badassery into the new year.  I was asked a million times why I didn’t skydive, or do some other life risking stupidity. But brave for me was writing, and dating, and vacationing, and running, and business starting... Putting myself out into the world in ways I haven’t before. And while I still struggle sometimes with a certain vulnerability in my personal life, I think that I’ve been pretty damn brave. Lack of skydiving and all.
This year I’d like to be more aware and present. Just have and enjoy the moments. Fully. And, as far as hard goals go (it’s scary to write these out, btw. Nothing like a having a blog for accountability), I have plans to produce the short film I wrote, finish writing a book I started, run a half marathon, get employees across NYC healthy, and make TWP a viable source of income.
…So, yeah. It should be a good year.

In the near future, however, I’ll be pounding vitamins like frat boys do shitty beer on game day in hopes that my illness is kicked for good. Because, as you can see, I got some shit to do. :) And I’ll be watching snow fall outside my Brooklyn window, cup of Echinacea tea in hand, thinking about and reveling in the solitude of the quiet snow. And I'll try to appreciate these white washed, nature imposed breaks from the world.
Happy New Year, y’all.




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