Big Country Blues Trailer

Big Country Blues Trailer
Sarah e Jacobs recognized as OUTSTANDING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES at LA Webfest! And nominated for BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA at ITVFest! Click to watch the trailer!


  • "The actress playing Lauren however (Sarah e Jacobs), who is described in the script as “strikingly beautiful, witty, confident, and sharp,” manages to convey every one of those characteristics. Her willfully slutty and self-assured character still resonates with lonesome confusion and the willingness to stay friends with the increasingly obsessed Darryl."

  • "There are some very impressive and delightful moments here that must be recognized. Kevin Myers and Sarah E. Jacobs are an adorable pair who demonstrate brilliant comic timing...They play beautifully off of one another and are a joy to watch. "

  • "As Carl's personal Jeeves, Jacobs is smart and wickedly funny, particularly since her vocabulary consists of nothing but exclaiming her master's name in a multitude of ways: Carl! Carl....Carl?" New Theater Corps